Top-Notch Customer Service

Your customer will help shape your business, and you will “wow” them by giving them what they really want and more, simply by being a good listener.

Stop “pushing” what you think they want and start “offering” what you know they want.


Customer Service and Your Bottom Line

Focusing on your customers and giving the most amazing customer service will increase your bottom line more than you could ever imagine.

When you listen to them you will hear more than what is being said. 

"Customer service will out market marketing every time." Source:  T. Scott Gross 

I meet with so many companies who tell me they need marketing to increase sales. 

Marketing does increase sales, but if your customer service is lacking the word will get out.

customer service

Source: ProProfs

If your foundation is not set properly people will notice and your bottom line is being greatly affected.

Bad reviews and no referrals will not help your bottom line.

Your marketing will then be wasted dollars.

A solid foundation equals a solid bottom line.


A Few Ideas On How To Listen

If they tell you they need it by a certain date, then the timeline is crucial to them. 

  • If they are concerned about the price, then the cost is crucial to them. 
  • If they ask a ton of questions, then maybe they are not yet comfortable with trusting you and/or picking you for the job.  

Listening is being attentive! It’s taking notice of and acting on what your customer says or responding to your customer’s request. 

Ask yourself: are my staff and I totally attentive to our customers?

Here’s the real deal: the only way you can miss the target is by ignoring your customers and simply not being there for them.

What does it mean to “be there” for your customer? 

customer service

Source: Oberlo

Listen to people and find out what they really want.

Once you know what your customer wants, you are now catering to them.

Do they want the cheapest price, amazing customer service, free delivery/shipping, etc.? 

How can you give them those things?

Do not limit your thinking.

You must be willing to think of creative ways to fill their needs while still making a profit.

I offer a three-page customer service survey. 

Your customers are a gold mine for you! With the right prompting, they can reveal to you whole new product lines, as well as simply helping you see where your business needs finessing.

Learning about your customers will change everything. 


Make Your Words Match Your Actions

As a business owner, I analyzed my competitors and had to find more competitive advantages over everyone else. 

I discovered that my competitors are all priced 1/3 less than me, but I still wanted their market share.

I figured out how to put my customers first:

1. 24/7 response.
2. I am global and ship worldwide.
3. I will get the orders out in 7 days, and even have 2-day and 4-day rush orders. 

My homepage screams all three of these emotional triggers! And guess what? People order.

It isn't about price, but fulfilling an emotional need.

I listened.

I didn't give them what I thought they wanted but gave them what they were asking for.


A Plan To Implement

  • What is your competitive advantage?
  • What is your competitor's competitive advantage?
  • Are your customer's emotional triggers taken care of?


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