The Power of Business Reviews

Are reviews that important?

Yes, because they validate why one should buy from you. 

Most people willingly leave a bad review, but it is so hard to get people to leave a good review.

All you have to do is ask. I love data.

Your reviews speak volumes about how you are doing, what you can be doing, and what you need to do immediately.

This data will help your bottom line more than you could ever have imagined. 

Business Reviews

Business reviews show others you are well-liked, experienced, and professional.

Reviews also make sure you know you are doing everything you can to make your customers 100% happy.

Your reviews should talk about your product, customer service, going above and beyond, and that they will refer you out. You can view the review examples below. 

business reviewsSource: Bright Local

5 Amazing Tips For Business Reviews

  1. Do not ever copy and paste a review or any text from someone’s site or Google review section and paste it on your site. Google bots do not like that, as plagiarism marks will go against you. If you want to showcase a Google review, screenshot that review and save is a JPG or create the visual of that review in Canva.

  2. Ask for reviews on Google, industry-related sites, or on your website. Reach out to each customer personally or use an automated system to request reviews. Only 20% to 30% will write a review!

  3. Don't wait too long to ask for the reviews. Out of sight out of mind applies here. Customers are more likely to leave a review right away. Once you receive a compliment via phone, email, chat, in-person, etc. ask for a review of the website of your choice. 

  4. If the site allows leave a comment on each review that someone has left. Customers like to see that you are an active business and truly care about each customer.

  5. Create an incentive program for your employees so they can work with each customer to collect reviews. For example, they can earn $25 for each review. 

Why You Want To Focus On 5 Star Reviews

Business reviews make people want to buy from you. You want to receive business reviews that show others what you will do for them. 

  • Make them happy.
  • You deliver what you promise. 
  • Want to order again. 
  • Share you with others. 
  • Easy ordering process.

Business Review Examples

Below are the reviews that I earned. I made sure my website was user friendly, the process was easy for them, gave them amazing customer service, and that their hand is held from the beginning to the end - the end being a review.  

Google Reviews

Google reviews are huge because Google is one of the most used search engines. Most people's buying decisions are based on online reviews.

You want your customers to leave amazing reviews, but sometimes you get the bad ones. You have to respond to each review....good and bad.

You can also capture reviews on Facebook, industry-related websites, Glassdoor, etc. 


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