Are You Solving Your Customer's Problem?

Below we will show you some scenarios of how to go above and beyond or you can dive right in and see how we can help you now with the all in one marketing toolbox for your business! Listening to your customer will solve their problem and grow your bottom line.

Everyone buys based on emotions. Are you selling to their emotion? Are you solving their problem? Are you truly listening to your customers?

The cup of coffee you bought this morning. How did it make you feel? Did it solve your problem?

Everything you buy gives you some satisfaction.

Even if it is the foreman that is buying nuts and bolts.

His satisfaction: That was quick and easy to order, I got free delivery, and it will be here tomorrow.

The more satisfaction you can sell the more they will continue to buy from you and even refer others to you.

Listen to your customers and ask questions.

It may open up new product lines or services you had never even dreamed of offering. Sometimes, these are more profitable than what you are already offering.

I know this myself. I started my business selling wedding invitations.

A bride asked me if we could create a sketch of her wedding dress.

Let's just say I no longer sell wedding invitations.

I created a survey (which can be implemented within the Enly platform).

It provided me with so much information that I was able to solve every problem.

When you listen to your customers they will see your vision, your product / service, because you have made it about them.

It is very obvious when a company cares, because everything is seamless and the customer walks away feeling confident in their purchase. 

Here are a few scenarios of how listening will benefit your business. 

Scenario 1: Will you hold my hand?

When I started my wedding business I found I was working with customers who needed their hand held throughout the process. I was getting calls and emails all the time. 

Resolution 1:

In that moment I took care of each and every customer. I also really listened to the issues they were facing. If one was having an issue. More than likely there were more facing the same thing. So, I walked them through the order process and made sure they received the email confirmation, as well as sending multiple emails to the customer throughout. I wanted to make sure they were fully aware of what stage of the order process we are in. I have now eliminated customers reaching out to find out the status of their order. I always want to get to them first. This approach has created my 5-star reviews.

Resolution 2:
I knew I needed to eliminate their frustration and my time being spent on this process that was severely broken. So, I changed a lot. I now have a process that has eliminated my customers from reaching out to me. Out of 100 orders only 1-2 reach out with a question. 

Changes I made: 
a. Chat button added to my website. Chat is so much quicker and people use that over phone and email. 
b. Q & A page explaining the process.
c. Order form that explains everything throughout the process, as well as my home page answering questions they would call about. ie) Do you ship worldwide? What is the turnaround time? etc. 

Scenario 2: Do you offer delivery?

I am visiting a small town and not one restaurant small or large delivers. The amount of money these businesses are leaving on the table is maddening. 
Test it and see if your bottom line grows. Maybe it wont, but maybe it will.

Scenario 3: Can you do anything extra special?

I spoke to a customer who was giving one of our gifts to his wife on their anniversary. The gift was mailed to a spa and resort. The husband asked for insight on how to make this weekend even more special. I reached out to the resort and asked them if they could place the gift in the room. Maybe with some flowers, champagne, etc. for when they arrive. I told them the husband can call to verify so this could be placed on his bill. The employee said, "I'm not sure how we could do this".

Make it happen. Understand who your customer is. What will truly wow them? It is all about intent and effort. Caring about your customer is key. Can you imagine how amazing that review would look to a future husband, who also wants to look like a superhero to his wife? Businesses need to record phone calls, because this was a lost opportunity. I am sure this was not the only one lost.  Why does this employee have any say on the business' bottom line? He doesn't think about the bottom line, because making your bottom line flourish doesn't affect his bottom line (paycheck). He sees this as more work for him. Make it worth his time and pay him commission for upgrades. 

This looks like a great add-on for the resort and spa, which will increase the bottom line. They could offer romantic packages to the reservations. It could include champagne, flowers, chocolates, or even team up with a local business and offer their service. If one is spending $400+ a night I assume they wouldn't mind spending just a bit more to make their stay even more special. 


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