5 Amazing Small Business Marketing Ideas

I use these marketing ideas for my business along with the many companies I have work with, which are all included in the Marketing & Sales Toolbox.

These 5 marketing ideas are huge game changers. They will make a huge impact on how a company can increase their sales. 

Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

1. Add A Chat Button

Adding a chat button was like peering into the soul of my customer - then I could give them what they really wanted and my orders skyrocketed.

A chat button on your website will provide you with better insight to what issues people are having on your site.

They will ask questions that will bring to your attention what you need to address on your website.

They will provide you with insight to what people truly want, need and what ‘slang keyword’/ words they use to describe your product.

Chat button

Source: Zendesk Chat Button


Remember, it is not about you, but your customer. No one cares what you want on the site.  What does your customer want? 

Another great reason I love the chat service is that I am at my customer’s beck and call.

I want my customer to know that I am with them from the beginning to the end.

They also have my direct number and email. It's all about building trust.

There are many ways I can be reached, and I always make myself accessible, as I want my customer to feel comfortable in spending hundreds of dollars with me.

2. Website Analysis

Updating my website for my customer’s ease of use resulted in less abandoned
shopping carts, which led to an increase in revenue. 

Making sure your website is user friendly and enjoyable to peruse is very important, as it is the face of who you are.

Always have an industry related professional, a customer, AND a common person view your site, as you want their feedback to make sure it is top notch.

You are so deeply invested that it is hard to have a blind eye.

Time to be humble and accept feedback from others. Be very clear. I put on my big girl pants and knew I had to be humble.

I asked others to critique my website. I had to change everything, as I was really wrong! 

I also had to really see deep within the site performance as well. I perform an SEO Analysis often so I can see my side speed, SEO errors, backlinks, and so much more. 

SEO Analyzer

Source: Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

Be very clear of what your product or service is on all your website pages – use a heading that is very specific.

I assumed everyone could tell immediately what I do. So I asked a friend who just got married to see what he thought of my site.

He said he had to dig around the site to see exactly what I really offer, as he wasn’t completely sure.

I made the changes, and he approved! It was very hard to take advice from someone else, especially when I felt it was already perfect.

I had to remember it is not about me, but my customer. I am a success because I sold what the customer was looking for, not what I thought they were looking for.

3. Run Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are a must as part of your advertising spend. 

The ads only show up for those who have visited certain pages on your website or even pages of your competitor's website.

Set up Google ads, Facebook/Instagram ads and display network ads so you are in front of those who have already visited your website.

A great perk for retargeting ads is that your ads are not wasted on those who might be a good fit for your business.

retargeting ads

Source: HubSpot

People need that reminder to come back to you website. 

Did you know 98% of website traffic does not convert? That traffic doesn't engage in any way so you are unable to email them, contact them, follow them on social media or sell them anything. 

Yes. What a huge let down. 

This is where retargeting ads come into play with a pixel that places a cookie on the visitor's browser. 

So now your add will show up in their online browsing experience. These ads will show a 10x increase in CTR  - Click-Through Rates


4. Install Email Pop-Ups

Exit email pop-ups are huge. Once someone clicks or is ready to click out of your site an email pop-up will be presented. 

Always ask for their email. 

Their email will allow you to continue to market to them, but on a more personal level. 

Neil Patel has a great pop-up to engage those that are ready to bounce off his website.

Email Pop-Up

Source: Neil Patel (yes...I love this guy)

There are so many types of pop-ups you can place on your website.

Not only can you ask for their email, but even get them involved in your products you wan them to try out. 

5. Start Affiliate Marketing

Share A Sale, WordPress App or Shopify offer great affiliate programs.

Get others to promote you. You pay them AFTER you get the sale.

If someone clicks on the link on their site and orders, that company will receive a percentage from the order.


affiliate marketing


Source: JustLearnWP


Genius, as I hate spending money on marketing to get the sale!

I am too small to spend a lot of money upfront. Sometimes I have to and I do.

If I don’t get an ROI essentially I have paid for brand marketing. 


Takeaway Tip

Don't forget that your blog and your website belongs to you. No one can take that away.

Your Facebook account can be hacked.

Pinterest or even Google will have their algorithm change, which can change your traffic and placement.

It is frustrating so I go to our core - our blogs. I revamp, edit, add, and repurpose those blogs constantly. 

The only thing I have control of is what I own. 


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